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What does it take to become a model for Neoteens?

Anyone can become a model, although at Neoteens, while not strictly adhered to, we like our models to be aged between 16 and 22 and a dress size between 8 to 12. Having said that, if you have the will and attitude to become a model we want to hear from you regardless of the guidelines above.

How do I get to become a model?

By having the determination to succeed; less than 3% of want to be models actually make a full time, professional living from modelling. The rest model for the occasional paid job and the sheer enjoyment of it.

Will I have to pay to work with you?

We will never charge you for working with Neoteens.

How much can I earn?

The top earning models can earn hundreds of thousands of pounds/dollars per year but it comes down to luck, determination, promotion and unfortunately, looks.

As with most things modelling has it’s own fashions and what is popular this year might not be next year. Take for example the ‘Suicide Girl’ look; whilst heavily tattooed and pierced models were all the rage a while ago the market is now moving towards the ‘girl next door’ look at the moment.

As a rule of thumb, the lowest earnings you would expect from amateur modelling would be around £15 – £25 per hour, this can rise to £40-£50 an hour for nude modelling.

Can I make a living from Modelling?

That depends on you and a dose of luck. If you’ve got the ‘in’ look, promote yourself well, are always available for work and are easy to get hold of, then yes, the possibility is there. Just like any other business persevere and the possibilities are endless.

How will I get paid?

We are not going to be a pay-per-view site. We are going to make our money from CD sales of various ‘sets’ (shoots) and will be operating a pay share scheme where there will be a direct 50/50 split between the model and Neoteens of any sales. The more CD’s we sell the more money we all make. It makes sense therefore for the model to also work to promote herself and her online Neoteens persona. As soon as any payment is received at Neoteens the models 50% share will be dispatched within a few days.

What levels of modelling do you specialise in?

At Neoteens we strictly adhere to age appropriate modelling. If you are under 18 we are looking for a mixture of provocative and tease without being overtly sexual. The maximum level we would ask you to model to is lingerie or swim suit. For the over 18s we are still looking for that mixture of provocation and tease but would want you to model to ‘topless’ levels at least. From there we are happy to work to the level you feel comfortable working to.

If these levels are too high for you or you just want a portfolio, please head over to where we would be happy to put together a package for a very reasonable cost.

Is modelling hard work?

In a word: Yes. Depending on the shoot the hours can be unsociable and long, being ‘on form’ all day or even half a day can be tiring, you’ll get hot and sweaty under the lights, you’ll ache from holding poses. But. The reward can be worth it for some; the fame, the money, the glamour of the business and international travel are all there for the right girls.

Should I become a model?

That depends on you. If you enjoy the thought of modelling for fun and personal growth, i.e. a confidence boost then the answer is a definite yes. If you aspire to be the next Kate Moss/Jordan then as long as you can deal with failures and rejections like any other trade where millions aspire to be successful then yes, modelling is also for you.

However, like stated before, success in the modelling industry comes down to a lot of luck, hard work, perseverance and determination. The higher you climb the ladder the harder it becomes to stand out from the crowd. As long as you’re able to handle losing gigs to another model but can pick yourself up, dust yourself down and carry on trying for the next job then you’re going to be okay. Be realistic! Quietly determined is a better frame of mind than arrogance and knowing you’re going to make it unless you have a totally determined character and a bucket load of attitude.

Will I need a portfolio first?

Not at first. All models eventually need a portfolio/book. We can advise you on this and will help you towards obtaining one free of charge during your time working with Neoteens but it is an organic and constantly evolving tool that needs to be kept fresh with the best of the best of your shoots. For now, a headshot, a full length dressed shot, and depending on age either a waist up lingerie/swim suit (U18) or topless shot (18+) emailed to us is fine.

What happens to the photos I send you?

The photos you send to Neoteens are never sent to any third party or used in any way other than for evaluation purposes. As a professional company we are bound by government legislation like any other company and employment privacy rules bind us into keeping all of your details on file secure and safe.

If I get a test shoot with you what happens next?

We arrange a date, you turn up on time, well groomed and with the right attitude, we talk over the shoot with you beforehand and make you feel as comfortable as we can. A test shoot is like an interview. The better you come over on the day the more likely we are to offer you regular work.

It is also an opportunity for you to meet us and see how comfortable you feel in front of the camera. It’s a two way thing as much about you as it is us. See it as an evaluation process for all parties.

At the very least it’s a chance to professionally kick start your portfolio with the images you will receive on disc.

What will I need on the day?

The right attitude: Like any other interview you are selling yourself to us. Be dependable; if we’ve arranged a shoot make sure you turn up, you flake you lose! Turn up on time. You will need to be enthusiastic, positive and communicative. This is your first chance to build a reputation within the industry and your reputation will always precede you.

Turn up well groomed: You need to look your best, don’t party till four the night before the shoot and turn up aching, still drunk with tired eyes. Make sure you feel as good as possible on the day of the shoot. We want to see you looking fresh as a daisy!

Hair should be clean and worn in a simple style.

Make-up should be simple and minimal, just enough to accentuate the eyes, cheekbones and lips.

Hand and toe-nails should be clean and presentable either with or without polish. Bitten nails must be filed or covered with a short set of fake nails.

Skin should be moisturised and exfoliated. Think fresh! We strongly advise against any form of fake tan; dark orange streaks do not look good on camera.

Body hair; Legs and pits should be shaven and smooth. If you are over 18 and going to be nude/adult modelling then ideally pubic hair should be shaven or waxed etc (allowing enough time for any redness/shaver burn to fade). If you prefer a Brazilian/unshaven look, a neat well groomed style is fine. If you turn up with what appears to be a recently electrocuted small rodent in your pants you will be doing yourself a great disservice.

Clothing: You should bring a couple of simple outerwear changes, think smart casual. We would advise a simple jeans and tee-shirt combo and a dress. You will also need at least three changes of lingerie; a simple white set under the jeans and tee, a feminine set under the dress and a full on sexy set for good measure. Make sure that lingerie is well fitting and matching please.

If you are modelling topless levels and above on the day of the shoot please avoid any tight fitting clothing or jewellery before the session as they will mark your body and make the job of post processing harder.

Bring a set of high heels; even if they do not get seen on camera they will improve your posture during standing poses.


Time Keeping: On the day of the shoot please turn up on time, if you are delayed make sure you let us know. If we are coming to you we will be there on time, we expect the same courtesy from you. If you have to cancel a shoot please let us know at least 48 hours beforehand. Grandma being rushed into hospital on the day of the shoot is not an excuse to not turn up. We’ve heard all the excuses, trust us on this.

Chaperones: Are always welcome, sensible chaperones are encouraged in fact. There are a lot of less than salubrious characters in this business and taking a chaperone to a shoot is a habit to get into early. Sensible chaperones are a pleasure, we make them feel welcome and often use them as tea makers or runners. They will not be allowed on set though.

We advise against bringing partners as chaperones as we find the model often looks to a partner for acceptance of each pose or request. Boyfriends crying in the garden (been there) or jealous pacing boyfriends (done that) often ruin the shoot for you and for us.

If you’re under 18 a parent or a guardian turning up with you is a must. It’s not optional. You will need them there to sign the model release form for you.

During the shoot: Make sure you communicate your comfort level and let us know beforehand what you will and won’t want to be doing. Make sure mobile phones are either switched off or set to silent.

On top of all things… have fun and enjoy the shoot.

Okay, I’m in! What do I do next?

Please send us an email with your name, age, location and contact details. We would like to know your height, weight, vital statistics and whether you have tattoos or piercings. We would also like to know your modelling experience and to what levels you think you would be comfortable working to.

Finally, attach a few photos to the email. As stated before, these do not have to be professional but they do have to be well lit and clear. Four photos are fine; one headshot, one full length clothed, then depending on your age or modelling level either lingerie/swim-suit (U18) or topless from the waist up including your face (18+) If you’re looking to join Neoteens as a full glamour model a full length nude photo would also be appreciated.

We look forward to hearing from you…

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